Why Us

We are here to level the playing field, of major marketers and local charities doing good when choosing us you get a tax break, Your vehicle is picked up for free within 24-48 hours. You get a 3 day 2 night hotel voucher.

  • Free Pickup
  • Tax Deduction
  • Vacation Voucher

Our Car Donation Network in NYC will get you the tax deduction you deserve

Licensed Towers Only

Our network of towers are all licensed and have years of hauling experience.

Appraise Your Vehicle

Not every vehicle donated is scrapped. If your vehicle goes to auction and it is sold for over $500.00 you’ll get exactly what your car sells for as a deduction.

No Title, No Problem

If your missing a title to your vehicle its no problem in New York state you can donate a vehicle without a title only providing a valid license and registration.

We’re here to help!

(888) 543-9746

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