Can You Donate A Damaged Vehicle?

When donating a vehicle most people see is at donating a pristine vehicle that someone will drive in the future as when giving to charity a lot of people tend to go with donations less worn down.

The truth is you can donate a vehicle in any condition running or not, you can donate a shell, a truck, even an old boat sitting in your backyard. What generally happens to your vehicle after you donate it is one of two things:

1. Your Vehicle Is Worth Less Than $300
Yes, I know it hurts to admit that a car you’ve been driving around since you were 21 and have grown emotionally attached too is worth less than $300 but hey it happens. In this case, your car will be taken to a local salvage yard and either meets its destroyer or be salvaged for parts the charity will then receive the proceeds and distribute accordingly. You will receive a standard $500 tax break.

2.Your Vehicle is Worth More $300
I have personally seen some cars burnt to a crisp that has sold for north of 10K so keep your fingers crossed. In this case, your car will be taken to an auto auction and sold to the highest bidder. It’s a 50% chance the vehicle will flop and the charity will end up paying fee’s but often times the charity will have an AVG sale value of $800.00-$1,1200.00 per vehicle. You will receive a tax deduction for exactly what your vehicle sells for.

In the past when donating a vehicle to a company like cars for kids you would receive the KBB value instead of sale value but this was changed over the past few years due to an Increasing amount of scams. All together you can donate an item in any condition and the charity will appreciate it regardless how it looks.

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